Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept 2014

carsmodelz October 22, 2013

Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept

Hyundai H1 is designed for the family car, where it can be seen from my seat on the interior, and a mighty body on the exterior. Hyundai H1 makes it easier for us to bring comfort luggage if travel is time consuming and far.

Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept slide

Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept seat

For the interior design of the H1 is the correct answer when it gave people take priority over the package while it was mainly , practical workhorse carrier. The layout means there is plenty of room for working professional equipment , holiday luggage or sports equipment . Interior comfort and refinement of the type normally associated with passenger cars are equipped with full length side windows . Likewise with the interior design such as control power windows , multi – switch panels , trays back seat, Sun visor that looks elegant and luxurious .Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept interior

On the exterior design has a characteristic head lamp shape gracefully flared into the bodywork, marked H1 as a member of the Hyundai family and Version MVP has a pair of fog lights, which are neatly blended into the bottom of the front bumper. Well as shaped rear combination lamp clusters wrap lights around and the group with the rear lights, reverse lights, direction indicators and reflectorsHyundai H1 Mpv Concept front

Hyundai H1 Mpv Concept Angle rear

For ultimate convenience and practicality, H-1 features a sliding door on both sides of the vehicle allowing easy entry and exit for all passengers. Both doors are fitted with childproof locking systems so that children are prevented from alighting the vehicle in unsafe conditions.

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